The Good2Go Programme

Making mental health a priority in schools.

Building on the success of The Life Skills, the Good2Go is a unique and cost-effective approach – young people teach primary children the skills via video. 

Watch our video: Proactive Mental Health for Schools

The Life Skills Good2Go is a whole school approach - winning strategies for mental health

Why Good2Go?

Teachers are busy. We provide all the strategies and resources to optimise teacher time and student learning. Taught by video in a weekly whole school assembly over seven weeks. Teachers embed the skills with fun indoor and outdoor activities in lesson time.

“The greatest gift we can give children and young people is the ability to manage their own emotions and mental health.”- Ayres and Vivyan 2018

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Every school is different, every classroom has its unique challenges.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a bespoke quote for your school.  Average cost £300 per school + £2.50 per pupil.

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Experience the Programme

Watch the 1 minute extract of Right Now Skill (each video approx. 4-5 minutes each)

Link to Roots & Shoots Outsider Decider Video

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